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The latest polling numbers show that 71% of Utahns believe in climate change and 64% think it is exacerbated by human activity. It is high time to normalize conversations about climate solutions in our communities and among our elected officials. Fortunately there is a great event coming up in Southern Utah which aims to do just that!

Dixie State University’s Southern Utah Climate Discussion: An Educational Public Forum on Clean Air and Climate Solutions – Thursday December 7th, 7:00p-8:30p at DSU’s Holland Centennial Commons/Library (800E 300S, St George), in the Zion Room (top floor).

This event is hosted by Dixie State University Biological and Physical Sciences Departments, the DSU Sustainability Club, DSU students and concerned citizens, featuring keynote speaker and prominent climate scientist, Dr. Robert Davies, Associate Professor of Physics at Utah State University. This event is an opportunity to join the discussion and ask the tough questions about the science of climate change and air pollution: the causes and effects, the dangers and urgency, the solutions and actions we can take.

NOTE: A separate student forum will be held at 12p in the Gardner Living Room. Additionally, a “Policy-Maker” event will be held on December 7th for federal and state legislators and local elected officials.

Help spread the word about this event, particularly to elected officials, to bring this important conversation to as many people in Southern Utah as possible!


  • Attend the event at DSU on Thursday, December 7th and encourage friends and family to join you.
  • Share this post on social media or by email to spread the word!
  • Live in Southern Utah? Ask your state legislators to attend either the community of the Policy-Maker event (or both!) to learn about climate solutions and ask all their questions in order to better understand an issue that a majority of Utahns care about. Find out who represents you and how to contact them going to, entering your address and clicking on “Elected Officials”. Email is an ideal way to contact your legislator, but you can try calling them too. Be sure to mention that you are a constituent and use a clear, simple email header, like “CONSTITUENT: Please attend this important event”. Respectful and professional communications are always best received and have the highest chance of getting a positive response.  Please be aware that some officials feel uncomfortable with the subject of climate change and may not react gracefully. That’s okay. Just be clear as a constituent that you would really like them to come to the event. Let us know if you get a response from your legislator!
  • Constituents, thank your legislators for participating in this event and supporting important climate solution conversations. Rep. Lowry Snow (St. George – House Dist 74) and Rep. Brad Last (Hurricane – House Dist 71) have already participated in the organization of this event and invited their colleagues from the State Legislature to attend. Be sure to thank them and show your support for their efforts to promote positive and constructive conversations about climate solutions.

BONUS Actions

  • Promote conversations about climate solutions by writing a letter to the editor leading up to the event next week or after you attend. Letters to the editor are a great way to draw attention to an issue, build community support and get your legislator’s attention. And they are only 200 words! It’s okay if you’ve never written one before — just follow our TIPS on How To Write an Effective Letter To the Editor. Find talking points and ideas here. You can send us a draft if you want copyediting help. Be sure to let us know if your letter gets published so we can help promote it!
  • Meet with your legislator. Constituents have the unique ability to sit down face to face with their legislators and talk to them briefly about issues that matter to you most. The personal stories of constituents can be incredibly influential to legislators. If you are interested in moving climate conversations forward in Utah with your legislator, please email us. We will help by providing you with guidance and information. We are particularly looking for constituents in the following State House Districts:
Lehi (Rep. Cory Maloy – Dist 6)
Tremonton (Rep. Scott Sandall – Dist 1)
Price (Rep. Christine Watkins – Dist 69)
Richfield (Rep. Carl Albrecht Dist 70)
Cedar City (Rep. John Westwood – Dist 72)
Kanab (Rep. Mike Noel – Dist 73)
Not sure who represents you? Find out here.

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