Raise your voice about the gutting of our national monuments

December 5th, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Yesterday, President Trump signed two presidential proclamations authorizing the largest removal of protections for public lands in history. No president has ever attempted such a radical rollback of protections for our shared national treasures, and legal scholars agree that this action is illegal. The proclamations disregard the facts that:

  • A majority of Americans support our national monuments
  • A majority of residents in the Western States believe existing monument designations should be kept in place
  • A majority of Utahns want to see our existing national monuments kept in place
  • Over 98% of public comments to Secretary Zinke and the Department of the Interior during the national monuments review favored keeping our national monuments
  • The negative economic impact of shrinking our national monuments hurts businesses, families and entire communities in Utah
  • Shrinking our monuments opens up millions of acres of sensitive wildlife habitat, archaeological resources and cultural and historical treasures to destructive development 
  • Public lands (and access to them) are our shared national heritage, and reducing national monument protections threatens the land with privatization that limits public access forever
  • Utah businesses rely on protection of and access to public lands not only for direct benefit to the tourism and outdoor industries, but also indirectly for attracting new business development and a critical employee workforce

Help demonstrate the overwhelming public outrage over the national monuments rollbacks.


  • Speak up on social media TODAY to voice the overwhelming support of millions of Americans for our shared national treasures in Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante. Be sure to tag President Trump and Secretary Zinke to let them know Americans want all national monuments to be protected for future generations.
  • Add a photo overlay to your Facebook profile by clicking here for #MonumentsForAll or here for #StandWithBearsEars.
  • Write a letter to the editor or op-ed in response to the news. Try using these talking points. Never written a letter to the editor before? That’s okay! Check out our TIPS on How To Write an Effective Letter To the Editor.

For social media:

Hashtags:  #MonumentsForAll, #StandWithBearsEars, #SaveGrandStaircase
Twitter Targets: @realDonaldTrump, @WhiteHouse, @POTUS, @senorrinhatch, @SecretaryZinke

Sample tweets:

This just in: @POTUS executive order dramatically shrinks Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments despite the fact that @realDonaldTrump voters support keeping #MonumentsForAll intact: http://bit.ly/2zMky5F #StandWithBearsEars #SaveGrandStaircase

BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump just gutted #BearsEars National Monument, erasing a historic Native American victory. Stand with Tribes and #StandWithBearsEars at protectbearsears.org/action. #MonumentsForAll @senorrinhatch

Our national monuments are #MonumentsForAll Americans. But a @realDonaldTrump executive order today harms our economy and shared national heritage. Show you oppose attacks on public lands by changing your Facebook profile photo: https://actionsprout.io/4373DE

Please retweet! Legal scholars are in agreement: @POTUS does not have the authority to destroy America’s #MonumentsForAll http://bit.ly/2wh2MsJ #StandWithBearsEars #SaveGrandStaircase

Yesterday’s proclamations by @realDonaldTrump are bad for businesses in Utah and across the country. Read why: http://bit.ly/2zMIf0u #SaveGrandStaircase #StandWithBearsEars

What could happen now that @POTUS eliminated #MonumentsForAll protections? Selling out these public spaces to private interests could lead to “No Trespassing” signs and loss of public access. Act now at monumentsforall.org/action.

Rolling back Bears Ears National Monument is a slap in the face to Tribal Nations that threatens one of the most significant cultural landscapes in America. Donate to #StandWithBearsEars and help defend the monument in court: protectbearsears.org/action. #MonumentsForAll

Trump’s order to gut national monuments is against the wishes of millions of Americans, from veterans to religious leaders to scientists, to archaeologists to businesses to Tribes to children. Show that you #StandWithBearsEars https://actionsprout.io/F0A06F #MonumentsForAll

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Click here for more actions from the Bears Ears Coalition

Articles and op-eds to share:

Fortune:The President Stole Your Land: Patagonia to Sue Trump Over Rollback of National Monuments
Salt Lake Tribune editorial:Why are you shrinking our monuments, Mr. President?
LA Times op-ed by local Utahn, Stephen Trimble: “When Trump guts two Utah national monuments next week, he’ll trigger a new conservation war
Deseret News op-ed by state legislator Rep. Chavez Houck: “Leave Utah’s monuments alone
CBS News: “How Trump’s national monument decision could affect massive deposit of fossils
The Atlantic: “Is America’s ‘Best Idea’ at Stake?
High Country News oped: “Don’t trim Grand Staircase. If anything, expand it.
SF Chronicle op-ed by a former director of the National Parks Service: “Bears Ears perfects America’s best idea by including tribes
NY Times op-ed: “Trump Attacks Teddy Roosevelt’s Grand Legacy
SL Tribune: “Southern Utah businesses united in keeping Grand Staircase-Escalante protected
High Country News: “What could be lost in a push for mining in monuments


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