Action needed TODAY: Keep arts, PE and health in Utah’s public schools!

December 6th, 2017|URGENT Action|0 Comments

The State School Board votes tomorrow on the compromise version of Rule 277-700.

Please contact your school board rep ASAP!

Last August, we called on community members to speak up and oppose the passage of Rule 277-700, which eliminated credit requirements for the arts, health, and PE for middle school students. An outpouring of community and advocate opposition lead the School Board to send the rule back to the Standards and Assessment committee, which emerged with a compromise that advocates like the Utah Cultural Alliance and Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance support.


  • Contact your school board rep BEFORE THURSDAY and express support for the compromise!

Sample script:

“I urge you to vote for the compromise version of Rule 277-700. It is important that all of Utah’s children experience arts ed and be required to study it in middle school. Keeping it required also serves to provide equitable education for all Utah students no matter where they live.”

Compromise details for your own info:

  1. Instead of credit #’s associated with health, arts, and PE, all subjects are listed as required courses for middle schoolers.
  2. Students are required to take a course in MS, which means they at least take either one half semester each year or one full year in 7th or 8th grade. For many students, this isn’t a change to their current schedule.
  3. Parents can exempt a child from course requirements if they work it out with their school and the changes are consistent with the children’s path to college and career readiness.

[Adapted from the Utah Cultural Alliance]


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