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December 8th, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Do you care about one of the five ballot initiatives being offered up to voters for the 2018 election? Make sure you sign the petitions you care about to make sure they get on the ballot come November. Utah has some of the toughest criteria of any state to get ballot measures before the voters. In fact, each ballot initiative needs over 113,000 signatures — including at least 10% of the number of participating voters from 26 out of 29 Utah counties — to make it onto the 2018 ballot and to give voters a chance to decide on it.

But signing petitions isn’t the only thing you can do to support these efforts.  Here are other things you can do:


  • Volunteer to collect signatures. Each ballot initiative relies on paid signature gatherers as well as volunteers to collect the requisite and
  • Donate to a ballot initiative. Each initiative needs significant funds to conduct polling, draft and file the initiative, pay signature gatherers and get the word out to community members.
  • Write a letter to the editor about why you support the initiative. Never written a letter to the editor before? That’s okay! Letters are only 200-300 words and can be written by anyone. Check out our TIPS on How To Write an Effective Letter To the Editor here. You can even send us a draft if you want copy editing help. And be sure to send us a link if your letter gets published!

Find out more about what you can do for the ballot measures you care about here:

Better Boundaries – Instating an independent redistricting commission to decide on district lines in 2020 and beyond.
County My Vote – Eliminating the Caucus/Convention elections system to give more power to the voters.
Our Schools Now – Increasing personal income tax by a small percentage to fund schools by an additional $750 million per year.
Medical Marijuana – Permitting medical use of marijuana to treat a limited number of medical conditions.
Utah Decides Healthcare – Expanding Medicaid and CHIP for tens of thousands of Utahns who currently fall in the health insurance gap​

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