Want to help clean up the air? Here’s how!

December 14th, 2017|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Utahns care about air quality, and during the winter inversion season in Utah we cry out for clean air. The current inversion is expected to linger and worsen over the next couple of weeks.

This time of year people ask big questions, like what are the biggest polluters contributing to our air quality problems and what are legislators doing about our air quality? Rarely do people ask what they can do themselves to reduce pollution, yet it is ordinary community members like you and me who have greatest power to impact our air quality. Why? Because, unfortunately, we produce most of it.

Top causes of air pollution in Utah

  1. Mobile sources: Vehicle and truck emissions (almost 50%)
  2. Area sources: Homes, small businesses and buildings (39%)
  3. Point sources: Factories and industry (13%)

Ordinary Utahns can help improve air quality

There are many things we as individuals, families and businesses can do to improve air quality, and there are many organizations out there trying to help us do so. Take a few minutes to learn more about how you can help solve air quality problems and clean up the air.


  • Get educated about air quality. UCAIR is devoted to educating the public about the inversion, air quality and what Utahns can do at home and at work to help clean up Utah’s air. They have developed a series of videos to make educating yourself even easier. Watch them here and check out UCAIR’s Air Quality 101 and Tools.
  • Make an Emergency Air Quality Implementation Plan. BreathUtah encourages people to take bad air days seriously and be part of the solution by planning ahead. Check out their action plan tool to get yourself prepared for orange and red air and help reduce the number of bad air days in Utah.
  • Register for the Clear the Air Challenge. Be a part of the challenge on February 1st by helping to eliminate 300,000 single-occupant trips, a goal that would save emissions from 2 million miles driven. Sign up here.
  • Advocate for clean air legislation during the upcoming State Legislative Session. Action Utah leaders are working on and tracking good policies that aim to tackle Utah’s air quality problems. Don’t worry — we’ll tell you what good bills are coming up and how to support them. Watch for updates and bill tracking here. Come to our Legislative Preview event on January 24th to learn more about clean air bills and many other good policy proposals coming down the pipeline and how to advocate for them.
  • Submit a public comment to keep the Clean Power Plan TODAY. According to the EPA’s own fact sheet the Clean Power Plan would dramatically reduce air pollution responsible for causing significant illnesses, disease and premature deaths across America and Utah. That’s why the rule is supported by a wide array of American businesses. The public comment period ends TOMORROW, December 15th, so be sure to get your comment in today! Find more information here.

How to submit a comment to the EPA

You can submit a comment to the EPA on the Clean Power Plan by clicking https://www.regulations.gov and  following the instructions for submitting comments to docket number EPA-HQ-OAR-2017-0355 or by emailing your comment to a-and-r-Docket@epa.gov. Be sure to include Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2017-0355 in the subject line of the message. Comments must be received on or before December 15, 2017.

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