Learn how to use the state legislative website as an advocacy tool!

The annual State Legislative Session will begin on January 22 and runs for 45 days only. During that period our state senators and representatives are charged with introducing, debating, amending and voting on over 1400 bills that may become state law. As community members, we have the opportunity to impact those bills at any step along the way. Plus, we can participate in the process at the State Capitol — the “people’s house” — either in person, or by watching and listening in online.

One of the best tools and resources for community advocacy in Utah is the state legislative website (le.utah.gov).

The site got an overhaul late last year, so even those of you who have used the site in the past, may want to review the site to learn how to make the best of use of it to help your advocacy during the state legislative session.


  • Watch the Cyberlobbying 101 video below to learn how to use the state legislative website (le.utah.gov) as a resource and community advocacy tool. This video shows a workshop on the subject by ACLU earlier this week and was provided courtesy of ACLU (thank you!).
  • You may also see the slides from the presentation here.

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