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Support clean air — ask task force members to oppose new fees on electric vehicles!

Electric Vehicles (EVs) benefit everyone!

Electric vehicles are critical in making Utah’s air cleaner, protecting public health and growing our economy. Nearly half (48%) of local air emissions come from mobile sources, primarily from passenger vehicles. Electric vehicles are increasingly affordable and have dramatically lower (or zero!) tailpipe emissions as compared to gasoline vehicles, and will continue to get cleaner as we shift to more renewable energy!

Envision Utah stated in the Point of the Mountain Commission just yesterday that adoption of electric vehicles is the single most important way to combat bad air given the growing population of Utah. However, electric vehicles (EVs) currently represent less than 1 percent of the total number of registered passenger vehicles in Utah, making EVs a very small overall portion of our vehicle fleet. Needless to say, we still have a long way to go make EVs the norm in Utah.

Proposed Fee Would Hinder EV Adoption

Unfortunately, state policymakers are now considering imposing a new user fee on electric and hybrid vehicles during the 2018 General Legislative Session. Their thinking is that more fuel efficient vehicles pay lower/no gasoline tax, which is the primary source of revenue for the state transportation fund. But now is not the time to adopt new user fees for electric vehicles. Such fees are premature and could prevent Utah families and businesses from choosing clean, electric vehicles. Other states, such as Georgia, that have adopted significant new user fees for electric vehicles have seen adoption rates for these clean vehicles drop significantly.

Take Action Today! Task force members need to hear from constituents like you ASAP that electric vehicles are a priority for Utah, and that now is not the time to create new fees.

Your voice can help ensure that the Legislature focuses on ways to grow the market for electric vehicles and improve our air, rather than discouraging the purchase of EVs through a new fee.

You can help with 60 seconds of your time. Click here to take action now.

[Adapted from Utah Clean Energy]

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  1. Suzanne Wille January 24, 2018 at 11:45 am

    Putting a fee on electric cars will NOT generate money for the state but it will reduce the number of electric cars for purchase within state. People now go out-of-state to buy electric cars, which reduces monies collected by sales tax. Utah’s air is deplorable and fossil fuel based vehicles are the worst offenders. Health issues are already a major problem.

    Please do not be part of the destruction of our environment by losing ales tax revenues because people go out-of-state to buy their cars. Instead find another way to maintain our roads. How about a toll tax on the heavily used highways by trucks like I/80? (Just an example of an alternative idea.)
    Thank you, Suzanne Wille

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