URGENT: Oppose cuts to early voting TODAY!

Bad bill alert!

HB 141: Early Voting Amendments (Rep. John Westwood – Cedar City) would give counties the option to reduce the early voting period from 14 days down to 2 under certain circumstances, limiting the ability for populations like certain rural and elderly voters to cast a ballot.

The intent behind this bill is theoretically good — this is simply a cost cutting measure. However, it is possible to cut costs and improve government efficiency without restricting voting access (look at Rep. Handy’s HB 67, for example).

Among those concerned about this bill are AARP, the League of Women Voters, ACLU and Utahns across the state who want or need to cast a paper ballot — many of whom work during early election days, live far away from the polls or rely on rides to the polls and need more time to ensure they have the ability to practice their constitutional right to vote.

What do we need from you?

There are 4 ways to impact this bill TODAY!

  1. Write to the members of the committee and ask them to VOTE NO on HB 141: Early Voting Amendments by clicking here.
  2. Attend the public hearing in the House Government Operations on this bill at 2:00p today in House Building Room 30 (map) at the State Capitol. NOTE: this bill is 6th on the agenda, so it will be some time before it comes up — and if they committee runs out of time, it won’t get heard until the next meeting on Tuesday. Simply having warm bodies in the room can be an effective way to show opposition to the bill!
  3. Testify in the public hearing against the bill. There will be a time for public comments, giving community members a chance to weigh in for 1-2 minutes each. If you’d like to speak up about this bill, please follow these tips: 1) dress professionally, 2) be polite and informed, 3) practice what you want to say ahead of time, 4) if this bill impacts you or someone you know, tell that story, 5) be prepared that they committee may ask you questions. Action Utah leaders will meet outside the hearing door at 1:45p. Come connect with us if you plan to attend or testify!
  4. Constituents, write to Rep. John Westwood (R-Cedar City, District 72) and let him know why you oppose the bill. Remember to be polite and respectful, let him know that you are a constituent, and include your home address!


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