A few hours left to ask your rep to support HB 12 THIS MORNING!

HB 12: Family Planning Services Amendments by Rep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful) will likely get a full House vote this morning at 11:00a. Have you emailed your state representative yet to ask them to support stronger families, cost savings to the state and improved lives for women and families? Hurry — there’s still time!

What is this bill about?

Currently, there are ~50,000 uninsured women in Utah with family incomes below 100% FPL. HB 12 directs the state DOH to apply for an automatic federal waiver to provide family planning coverage to women who do not qualify for full Medicaid benefits. This option has been available to the state for many years and is not related to Medicaid expansion or Obamacare.

Abortion IS NOT covered. In fact, family planning services improve contraceptive access and reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion rates. HB 12 also allows providers to be reimbursed for the insertion of long-acting reversible contraception immediately after a woman gives birth, resulting in healthier birth spacing. If HB 12 passes, and 28,000 Utah women accessed contraceptive services over the next 5 years.

Why does this matter?

HB 12 would prevent an estimated:

  • 2830 unplanned births. 1 in 3 births in Utah are currently funded by Medicaid, and 1 in 3 of those are reportedly unplanned. Providing contraceptive care helps uninsured women avoid unintended pregnancies and results in saved money to the state in averted maternal and infant health costs.

HB 12 would save:

  • An estimated total of $7,892,250 saved in state money over the course of 5 years! That’s $3 saved for every $1 spent.

HB 12 would have a positive impact on Utah families by:

  • Delaying unplanned pregnancies, which helps strengthen families by increasing opportunities for post secondary education, increasing earnings and creating more enduring marriages
  • Helping families increase capacity for personal responsibility and self sufficiency


Email your state legislator now to ask for their support. It only takes a minute, but could help sway the vote on this bill!

Thanks for taking action!

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