Ask your senator to support HB 41: Mental Health Crisis Line Amendments

HB 41: Mental Health Crisis Line Amendments – Rep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy) would create a single crisis phone number across the state as well as basic standards for staffing and operations for statewide and local crisis services so that all Utahns can receive timely, responsive and dependable mental crisis care no matter where they live in Utah. This bill saves lives!

HB 41 has moved through the House at lightning speed, passing a House floor vote unanimously last week. Now it moves on to the Senate. Help get it passed there too so this good bill can become law and help reduce suicides in Utah.

Ask Senators to vote YES on HB 41: Mental Health Crisis Line Amendments!

This action takes only a minute, but your quick email to your state senator could make all the difference on this bill. Thanks for taking action!

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