Support elimination of the food tax to help Utahns in need!

HB 148: Tax Provisions (Food Tax Elimination)

Despite the dull name, this bill is anything but! Rep. Tim Quinn (R-Heber) is determined to eliminate the state sales tax on food in order to provide some relief for Utahns who are most in need. That includes low-income families and fixed-income people like the elderly who already face an increased burden from the state due to rising property taxes.

Why would one of the most conservative legislators in the state sponsor a bill like this? Rep. Quinn believes it is a moral imperative. The food tax is a regressive tax, and studies show that any amount of food tax increases food insecurity. With 311,000 Utahns living below the poverty line, this bill would help many cover basic needs without posing a burden on others. In fact, the bill is revenue neutral, balancing the elimination of the 1.75% state food tax with an increase in the general sales tax of .24%.



This good bill would ease the burden to help the poorest among us afford to cover their basic needs, reduce food insecurity, and help Utahns living in poverty without increasing the burden on others. But this good bill needs YOUR help to convince more legislators — particularly conservatives — to commit their support.


Write a brief email to your state senator asking them to support HB 148: Tax Revisions!

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