URGENT! Ask for the senate committee to vote YES on HB 12 before 4:00p TODAY!

HB12: Family Planning Services Amendments by Rep. Ray Ward (R-Bountiful) is an excellent bill that improves the lives of women and families and reduces abortions — all the while saving the state $3 for every $1 spent! Can you imagine saving the state nearly $8 million in the first 5 years while helping around 28,000 get improved access to contraceptive care that leads to better outcomes for the entire family? Help get this done in Utah!

HB 12 will be heard in a public hearing with the Senate Health and Human Services Standing Committee TODAY at 4:00p (in 250 State Capitol Building, for those of you want to attend in person)!

Be sure to email members of the committee TODAY BEFORE 4:00P  and ask them to vote YES on HB 12: Family Planning Services Amendments!

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