Pass automatic voter registration in the senate!

SB 112: Voter Registration Revisions by Sen. Diedre Henderson (R-Utah) makes voter registration and voter registration updates automatic through drivers license applications and renewals at the DMV with an option to opt-out to improve government efficiencies between the DMV, County Clerks and the State Voter Roll. That’s why this bill is supported by the County Clerks Association of Utah, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox and 28 out of 29 County Clerks (who requested this bill themselves). Help this bill move through the Senate with a favorable vote!

In the bill sponsor’s own words, “Arbitrary bureaucracy that needs to be figured out and penetrated is probably not the best bar to set in order to vote. Let’s clear out arbitrary obstacles. Let’s make sure that people have the option to exercise their fundamental right, their constitutional right, and at the same time streamline and modernize the process.”


  • Click here to email your state senator and ask them to vote YES on SB 112!
  • Constituents of Senate District 10 (Salt Lake County – South Jordan area), your state Senator Lincoln Fillmore is specifically looking for constituent input on this bill! Sen. Fillmore stated in his latest newsletter that he wants to hear from constituents to make up his mind on this bill. If you are a constituent, use the link above to email Sen. Fillmore! Not sure if Sen. Fillmore is your rep? Check who represents you at (enter your home address and click “Elected Officials”). Or use the above link – which will automatically determine who represents you!

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