Help make a simple but meaningful change to education policy (HB 234)

HB 234: Compulsory Education Revisions by Rep. Jefferson Moss (R-Saratoga Springs) makes a simple but meaningful change to education policy. Currently, only absences for “illness” are excused by school administrators. Rep. J. Moss wants to make it clear that mental health should fall within the scope of excused absences as well. This bill has passed in the House and will have a hearing in the Senate Education Committee at 2:00p TODAY. Let’s help it pass by asking committee members to vote YES on HB 234: Compulsory Education Revisions!
Sharing a personal story about how excusing mental health absences may have benefited yourself, your children, or your own students at a K-12 public school is a great way to advocate for this legislation. Or you can use some of our talking points to email the committee. It only takes a minute!

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