Eliminate the food tax to help the neediest among us!

HB 148: Tax Revisions focuses on our moral imperative to help the neediest among us by eliminating the state tax on food items in a revenue neutral way. The bill sponsor, Rep. Tim Quinn (R-Heber), is one of the most conservative legislators in the state, yet his bill is not about economics. It’s about a regressive tax that disproportionately burdens folks like low-income families and fixed income elderly. This good bill would ease the burden to help the poorest among us afford to cover their basic needs, reduce food insecurity, and help over 300,000 Utahns living in poverty without increasing the burden on others. Help get it passed in the House!



HB 148 needs YOUR help to convince more legislators — particularly conservatives — to vote YES on HB 148! This bill will get a vote in the full House likely by the end of this week, so act soon!

Write a brief email to your state representative asking them to vote YES HB 148: Tax Revisions! 

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