Advance environmental stewardship in Utah the “Utah Way”

AMAZING NEWS from the Capitol yesterday!

The terrific HCR007: Concurrent Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship by Rep. Becky Edwards (R-N.Salt Lake) PASSED through the House Natural Resources Committee, a tough committee that nevertheless showed a real willingness to join together in a conversation about advancing environmental stewardship in a way that also economically benefits the state.

Action Utah has been working hard on this resolution all year, having conversations with legislators, business leaders and the faith community about the importance of bringing more people of diverse opinions and beliefs into a normalized conversation about the environment. We are so proud of the students from Logan High School who initiated this resolution last year and spoke so eloquently in testimony yesterday at the public hearing. (Catch the audio recording of the hearing here.)

This terrific bill has had a major victory. However it still has a steep road to climb to get to the finish line. That’s why we need YOUR help!

Please note that all messages to legislators about this resolution MUST take a polite tone, meeting legislators where they are at on what can be seen as a contentious issue. Angry, preachy or accusatory messages will HURT this initiative. Invite legislators into the conversation and help create the opportunity to approach environmental stewardship the “Utah Way”, by bringing people from all perspectives to the table.

Email your state representative today and ask them to vote YES on HCR007!

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