URGENT! Stop this bad bill in its tracks NOW!

HB 135 S1: Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Amendments is a BAD BILL that strips the right of municipalities to protect the watersheds that supply water to a majority of residents in Utah. These rights have existed for a century, leading to critical water quality protections that create a clean water supply to the cities on the Wasatch front. HB 135 would remove those protections, placing jurisdiction in the hands of the Dept. of Environmental Quality, which stated they are not equipped to handle the jurisdiction. Furthermore, a last minute substitution made public last night raises water rates to be deposited into a fund controlled by the legislature to fund projects like the controversial Lake Powell Pipeline.
This bill was originally written at the behest of a canyon developer and puts individual interests above the interests of the majority of people in Utah.
HB 135 will be heard by the House Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee in a hearing TODAY at 4:00p!
Ask the members of the committee to oppose this bill NOW!


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