Help refugees in Utah in this small, but impactful way (HB 189)!

HB 189: Drivers License Revisions by Rep. Carol Spackman Moss is a good bipartisan bill that acknowledges the challenges for refugees when they try to obtain their first drivers license in Utah by removing some of the obstacles in the process. The bill pertains only to approved asylees and refugees, allowing them to take their first written drivers test in their native language (but not subsequent renewal tests) and to hold their license for a period of 5 years instead of the previous limit of 4 years. This bill has already passed in the House. Help it get through the final step by getting approval in the Senate!



HB 189 has made it through the House and the Senate committee, but still must pass votes by the full Senate in a 2nd and 3rd reading.

Contact your senator today to ask them to vote YES on HB 189!

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