Stop a BAD BILL that harms ballot initiatives and subverts the will of the people (HB 471)!

BAD BILL HB 471: Initiative Amendments by Rep. Brad Daw (R-Orem) would delay the effective date of any law passed by ballot initiative.

These delays have been proposed to address fiscal or regulatory concerns with such an initiative. While we understand that the initiatives may need accommodations to make them work with current laws, regulation and budgeting, this bill would subvert the will of the people by delaying effective dates for certain types of laws for up to a year longer than they would otherwise be. Let’s find a better solution to addressing implementation issues that does not weaken ballot initiatives and harm the policies within, thereby harming the people they serve.

HB 471 will have a committee hearing TOMORROW MORNING AT 8:00AM! Contact the members of the committee NOW and ask them to vote NO on HB 471.  There must be a better solution to addressing implementation complexities – such as prepping ahead of the election for the eventuality that a ballot initiative would pass.

What else can you do? Come in person to show your opposition or even testify against this bill! The hearing will be held in the House Government Operations Standing Committee at 8:00a in Room 30 House Building (map). The bill is #2 on the agenda.

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