Pass a lot of good voting policy, all in one good bill (HB 218)

HB 218 Modifications to Election Law by Rep. Rebecca Chavez Houck (D-Salt Lake) and Sen. Diedre Henderson (R-Utah) is an omnibus voting policy bill that incorporates:

  • ADR – Automatic Voter Registration at the DMV with the ability to opt out. This includes automatic updating of voter registration records. (Covering the scope of HB 67 and SB 112)
  • SDR – Same Day Registration (also known as Election Day Registration) to allow ballots cast by eligible voters who show up at the polls only to discover they are not registered to be counted
  • Mail-in voting adjustments – Permitting counties to not rely entirely on vote-by-mail and require in-person polling locations for those who drop off the vote-by-mail rolls.

HB 218 is a good bipartisan bill that incorporated the input from many stakeholders and varying perspectives. Help it pass the final hurdle of favorable votes in the Senate!

HB 218 is on the Senate 2nd Reading Calendar now. Contact your state senator and ask them to vote YES on HB 218!

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