Email legislators about these 4 bills BEFORE TOMORROW MORNING!

Tomorrow is the last day for standing committee hearings on bills during the 2018 State Legislative Session. Many bills – good and bad – will be heard and voted on. There is still time to impact these bills, but only if you act TODAY!

NOTE: you may have already written various legislators about these bills before, but please write again. Committee members need to hear from you before tomorrow morning!

  1. HB 135 Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Amendments by Rep. Mike Noel (R-Kanab) would remove the ability of class 1 cities to regulate watersheds outside their municipal boundaries to ensure clean drinking water to half a million people in Utah. This bill came from developers hoping to change a century-old law that stems from water protections put in place by Brigham Young. Bottom line is that this bad bill puts water quality at risk and could jeopardize public health. Click here to contact the members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee now and ask them to vote NO on HB 135.
  2. HB 148 Tax Revisions by Rep. Tim Quinn (R-Heber) would eliminate the regressive state food tax in a revenue neutral way to ease the burden on the state’s most vulnerable, including low-income families and fixed-income elderly. Help this good bill get passed in the Senate Revenue and Taxation committee by clicking here.
  3. SB 172 Medicaid Waiver Amendments by Sen. Daniel Hemmert (R-Utah County) would make sweeping changes to Utah’s Medicaid program that would cost many people their healthcare coverage and fail to reduce costs in the process, as it has in the other states where these changes have been made. This bill died in committee last week, but was revived when Rules put it in a new committee hearing for Monday afternoon. Ask the members of the House Rev and Tax Committee to follow suit of their colleagues in Health and Human Services and vote NO on SB 172.
  4. HB 278 Paid Family and Medical Leave Tax Credit by Rep. Becky Edwards (R-N. Salt Lake) passed in the House and moves on to a hearing in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee Monday at 4pm. This good bill allows businesses to support families while growing the economy through an incentives-based program to offer paid leave. Click here to ask committee members to vote YES on HB 278!

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