This good bill would reduce firearm deaths and mass shootings. YOUR HELP NEEDED!

Rep. Steve Handy (R-Layton) has proposed a terrific public health bill to reduce firearm deaths, including suicides and incidences of mass shootings. HB 483 Extreme Risk Protective Order is a “Red Flag” bill aimed at preventing tragedies like the Parkland FL shooting. The bill is based on effective, proven laws in place in 5 states, recently passed in two more and being considered this session by 16 others.

What does HB 483 do?

HB 483 allows family members, as well as law enforcement officers, to petition a court for a protective order to temporarily remove a person’s access to guns if he or she poses an imminent danger to self, or others. Extreme Risk Protection Orders strike an appropriate balance between public safety and respect for individual liberties by incorporating strong due process safeguards for the respondent, high evidentiary standards, judicial review and discretion, and a process for firearms to be restored upon determination the respondent no longer poses a threat to others.


HB 483 will be heard in committee TOMORROW MORNING (Monday) at 10AM in the House Judiciary Committee meeting in Room 20 House Building (map). The bill will be up first on the agenda, and we expect the room to be packed.

  • Contact members of the committee and ask them to vote YES on HB 483! Click here to send an email now — it only takes a minute, and legislators need to hear from the community on this bill!
  • Pack the room tomorrow! We need lots of warm bodies in the room at the committee hearing to show support for the bill. If legislators ask how many people in the room support the bill, please raise your hand. Public testimony is not needed at this time and will likely be limited. If you feel you have an important voice that must be heard on this bill, please contact us right away.

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