Improve outcomes for young kids with Early Care and Learning Coordination (HB 319)!

HB 319 Early Care and Learning Coordination Amendments by Rep. Rebecca Chavez Houck (D-Salt Lake) would create an Early Childhood Commission to ensure that programs offered to Utah families with young children are efficient, effective, coordinated and family-centric.

Why does HB 319 matter? 

The period of time for children between the ages of 0-5 is a critical window for children’s development, as these are the years when investments in education, safety and health are so important, and pay off in many ways later in life. HB 319 addresses the issues and inefficiencies outlined in the SB100 Department of Workforce Services recent report on early care and learning services, which concluded that state agencies could be doing a better job coordinating their work and resources when it comes to how they serve families with little kids. 


Check out Action Utah’s 2-minute VIDEO of this bill.

Ask your state senator to vote YES on HB 319!

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