RED ALERT! Stop a bad bill NOW (HB 338S2)!

Rep. Dan McCay is running a terrible, horrible, no good very bad bill that is on the move today. HB 338S2 Election Amendments would enact a series of modifications to election law, including:

  • Shortening the period of time in which a person filing for candidacy has to announce a decision to gather petition signatures in order to be placed on the primary ballot (from as much as 80 days down to just 4).
  • Prohibiting the Lt. Governor from keeping convention-nominated candidates off the primary ballot if their political party is attempted to keep a petition candidate off a primary ballot – meaning the political party would have no consequences for attempting to thwart the law under SB 54.
  • Repealing the County My Vote compromise legislation (SB 54 from 2014) if the 2018 County My Vote ballot initiative fails – meaning candidates from either party would no longer be able to collect petition signatures as an alternate route to to the primary ballot, leaving only the caucus/convention nominating process as the only option for candidates.

The SB 54 compromise legislation allowing candidates an alternate route to the primary ballot has the strong support of a majority of Utahns. Repealing this option for candidates is against the will of the people of our great state.

According to the latest Dan Jones poll (January 30, 2018), 60% of Utahns do NOT want a return to a caucus/convention only system and a majority of people support the SB 54 compromise bill. SB 388S2 subverts the will of the people and reduces our ability to have a voice in elections.

The House suspended the Rules today in order to pass this bill, and it now moves on to the Senate with floor sponsor Sen. Lincoln Fillmore.

Contact your state senator NOW and ask them to vote NO on HB 338S2!

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