THIS MORNING: Get affordable housing this session!

An URGENT message just came in from the Utah Housing Coalition reminding us that no affordable housing bills have yet passed this year. We supported HB 464 Affordable Housing Amendments by Rep. Joel Briscoe (D-Salt Lake), a smart bond bill that would have helped address the gaping 47,000 unit shortfall creating our affordable housing crisis and driven great  economic benefits for our communities, like well paying jobs and tax revenues. But the bill hasn’t been given a vote.

We need ALL OF YOU — and your brothers, sisters, dogs & cats — to take action by contacting leadership in the House and Senate RIGHT NOW!



There is still time to ensure that affordable housing gets funded THIS YEAR — but only if we all contact legislators NOW! Take a minute to write a brief email to House and Senate leadership asking them prioritize affordable housing!

Would you prefer to make a phone call instead?

Please call House and Senate offices and ask them to take a message for leadership. Leave your zip code and ask them to invest in Affordable Housing. Affordable Housing is Economic Development!

Call the House Office 801-538-1029

Call the Minority Office 801-538-1650

Senate Office 801-538-1035

Minority Office 801-538-1406

Emailing Message Ideas – Keep it Simple

  • Opportunity Starts at Home
  • We cannot address Homelessness without Housing
  • We cannot continue to ignore the need for Housing
  • We need to invest in Housing today not next year
  • Housing is Economic Development
  • Health is Housing

Ending with………. Please Invest Money to Build Housing

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