Thank a legislator!

It’s official — the 45-day State Legislative is over, with proceedings ending just past midnight last night. Our legislators have worked hard to introduce, debate, amend and pass this year’s state laws and to balance the budget. Some of the bills were good, some were bad, some weren’t funded, and some never got a chance to see a vote.

Did you have a favorite bill this session? Thank a legislator for sponsoring a bill about an issue important to you.

Besides asking our legislators to vote YES or NO on bills, it is important to also thank them for their hard work and the good things they have done.

What can you do?

  • Check our Bill Tracker for a list of bills, pick one you love and send a thank you email to the bill sponsor! Simply click on the bill sponsor link to get their email address. It doesn’t matter if the bill passed this year or not. Much work goes into every bill behind the scenes, and our legislators deserve a pat on the back.

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