The Session is over, so what’s next?

The 2018 Session is over


The 45-day state legislative session flew by with a flurry of policy, a few scandals and plenty of newsworthy moments. Some issues did well (tax reform, mental health, education), while others got almost entirely ignored (air quality, affordable housing, women and children). We’ll be filling you in with more detail in the coming weeks. Check out Utah Policy’s list of 2018 legislative winners and losers​.


Midterm Elections are next!

Okay, midterm elections are obviously not until November, but the first steps in the process begin this month!

TAKE NOTE: Important Dates

  • March 13th, 6:00p – Utah Caucus & Convention 101​ – Overview of our elections system with Justin Lee (UT state elections director) and the chairs of all state political parties.
  • March 15th at 5:00p – Deadline for filing to run for office; Deadline for filing intent to gather signatures.
  • March 20th, 7:00p – Caucus Night – Vote on delegates for your party or get elected as a delegate yourself. Find out where your precinct caucus will be held by entering your address at​. Note: You are only eligible to vote in your own precinct’s caucus. You must be a registered Republican to vote in the Republican caucus. You must be a registered voter, but of any affiliation, to vote in a Democratic caucus.
  • April 15th – Deadline for ballot initiatives to submit the required signatures to be included on the primary ballot
  • April 21 – Deadline for submitting signatures for candidates trying to get on the primary ballot
  • May 25th – Deadline to register to vote as a Republican in GOP the primary election
  • June 26th – Primary Election
  • November 6th – General Election

TAKE ACTION: Do you want to run for office?

There are many legislators retiring from the Utah Legislature this year. Are you thinking about running for office? Deadlines to run and file an intent to submit an intent to gather signatures are on March 15th! See more deadlines below. Here is the candidate manual​ from the Lt. Gov’s office, detailing deadlines, fees, forms and convention versus signature gathering paths. If you’re not interested in running for state legislature, there are still positions to run for on district school boards and county government positions. Or you can apply for a position on a state board or commission​, which is an application process versus an election.

CHECK IT OUT: Election Resources


March 13th, 6:00p – Utah Caucus & Convention 101​ – Overview of our elections system with Justin Lee (UT state elections director) and the chairs of all state political parties.


Caucus Night – March 20th across the state. Attend your local precinct caucus meeting if you want to run as a delegate or vote on delegates​ in your local precinct caucus. Contact your state party to find out the exact time and location of your local precinct caucus meeting. You must attend your own meeting to be eligible to vote.


1. Get ready for Midterm elections! File to run for office, prepare to become a delegate, register to vote learn how our elections system works and mark your calendars for important midterm election dates!

2. Help a ballot measure! Ballot measures need community volunteers to collect the final signatures before the April 15th deadline!

Better Boundaries​ – Ending partisan gerrymandering in Utah by setting up a nonpartisan, independent redistricting commission to redraw district lines. This initiative could lead to redistricting by nonpartisan appointees of the governor and state legislature in a plan that must be approved by the state legislature. If you believe in efforts to reduce partisan gerrymandering, volunteer to collect signatures.

  • Attend a day of action – the most helpful and important thing you can do to help better boundaries! This includes knocking on doors in targeted senate districts.


Location 3/10 3/17 3/20 3/31

1435 S State Street



10 AM


Caucus night 10 AM


Park City

Park City Library



Caucus night 12PM



Logan Library



Caucus night 12PM


St. George

350 E. 600 S. Suite 2

Caucus night 12PM


*all information about events

  • Invite Better Boundaries to collect signatures at your upcoming events, email with information.
  • Get a job collecting signatures. Click here​ for more info​. Earn $20/hr with flexible hours, no experience necessary!

Utah Decides Healthcare​ – This initiative would expand Medicaid to 138% of the federal poverty line, making this a full expansion (versus the version that passed in Rep. Spendlove’s HB 472 last week during the state legislative session). We continue to believe that the Utah Decides ballot initiative is the superior choice of all Medicaid expansion options and needs to move forward to a ballot decision in November.

  • Join an ACTION UTAH DAY OF ACTION and come with us to collect signatures. Please RSVP by clicking the day that works for you!
  • Check out our Medicaid expansion Primer​ to compare the various proposals for Medicaid expansion.
  • Sign up to collect signatures by clicking this link​.

Give yourselves a pat on the back

So many of you took action during the State Legislative Session, raising your voice and bringing important information and opinions to your legislators on the issues that matter to you most. Whether you took one action or 200, give yourself a pat on the back for participating in the political process. Legislators want to hear from their constituents and they believe in our mission at Action Utah of boosting civic engagement around the state. Thanks for being a part of the 2018 Session!


Andrea & Katie,

Co-Founders, Action Utah

Action Utah is a nonprofit organization, and we rely on financial contributions from our supporters to boost civic engagement in Utah through education, training and advocacy opportunities. Your gift will allow us to continue our work toward elevating the voices of Utahns in policymaking. Please consider making a gift today!

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