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March 13th, 2018|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Utah Decides Healthcare is a ballot initiative that would expand Medicaid to cover people who earn up to 138% of the federal poverty line, a benchmark that is considered to be “full expansion” and standard under the Affordable Care Act. The ballot initiative is different from the partial Medicaid expansion passed last week in Rep. Robert Spendlove’s HB 472, which would expand up to only 100% of the federal poverty line and include a work requirement. Check out our Medicaid expansion Primer to compare the various proposals for Medicaid expansion.

The most challenging and controversial aspect of Spendlove’s bill is that the partial expansion will require a waiver from the federal government — something no other state has been able to obtain (including Arkansas, which was denied a waiver for the same type of partial expansion in recent weeks by the Trump administration). Full expansion through the ballot initiative, however, would be guaranteed and requires no waiver at all, making it a less risky approach to getting coverage for Utahns who are desperate for both basic and sometimes lifesaving health care services.


  • Join an ACTION UTAH DAY OF ACTION and come with us to collect signatures. We will train volunteers and collect petition signatures as a group — no experience necessary! Please RSVP by clicking the day that works for you:
  • Sign up to collect signatures with Utah Decides directly by clicking this link.

A majority of Utahns have for years wanted to see Medicaid expanded in Utah. We continue to believe that the Utah Decides ballot initiative is the superior choice of all Medicaid expansion options, and we hope to see it placed on the ballot in November for Utahns to vote on. But the initiative still needs to collect more signatures by the April 15th deadline in order to make it to the ballot. YOU can help it get there to give Utahns the choice about Medicaid expansion and an important backup if/when the partial expansion waiver from HB 472 fails to come through.

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