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Look who’s running!

The deadline to file for candidacy in the 2018 Midterm Elections was Friday evening. Congratulations to all the great people who are running for seats in district and state school boards, county government, the state legislature and federal offices!

A special congrats to Action Utah members, leaders and friends who are running for office, including:

  • Emily Ellsworth​ (R) – Action Utah board member and former Congressional staffer running for Senate District 15 (Utah County)
  • Suzanne Harrison​ (D) – Anesthesiologist running for House District 32 (Draper)
  • Becky Pickle (R) – Action Utah Housing Policy Coordinator and entrepreneur running for House District 41 (Riverton)
  • Stephanie Pitcher (D) – Lawyer and Director of the Utah Women’s Coalition running for House District 40 (Salt Lake)
  • Matt Styles​ (G) – Action Utah member running for House District 61 (Provo)

Are you running for office too? Let us know! Good luck everyone!


March 20th, 7:00p – Caucus Night – Vote on delegates for your party or get elected as a delegate yourself. Find out where your precinct caucus will be held by entering your address at​. Note: You are only eligible to vote in your own precinct caucus meeting. You must be a registered Republican to vote in the Republican caucus. You must be a registered voter, but of any affiliation, to vote in a Democratic caucus.​

March 21st, 5:00p – Ask Hatch to restore Net Neutrality – In December the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality. A resolution moving through Congress could overturn that decision. Join Team Internet at Hatch’s SLC office to ask him to vote for net neutrality. Details and RSVP​.​

March 30 – Action Utah’s DAY OF ACTION for Medicaid Expansion
 (Utah Decides Healthcare). Join other Action Utah members and help us gather signatures at the Jazz game, 5:30p. Click HERE to RSVP​.

March 31 – Better Boundaries Day of Action to gather final petition signatures. RSVP in Salt LakePark CityLogan or St. George

April 7 – Action Utah’s DAY OF ACTION for Medicaid Expansion (Utah Decides Healthcare). Join other Action Utah members and help us gather signatures at the Real game, 6:30p. Click HERE to RSVP.


  • April 7th – Deadline for submitting signatures for Republican candidates to get on the primary ballot
  • April 14th – Deadline for submitting signatures for Democratic candidates to get on the primary ballot
  • April 15th – Deadline for ballot initiatives to submit the required signatures to be included on the ballot
  • April 21 – GOP State Party Convention where delegates select up to two candidates for the party’s primary elections to join any petition candidates
  • April 28 – Democratic State Party Convention where delegates will vote on candidates for primary elections
  • May 25th – Deadline to register to vote as a Republican in the GOP primary election
  • June 26th – Primary Election
  • November 6th – General Election


State Issues

1. Run as a delegate – Didn’t file as a candidate? You can still run to be a county or state delegate! Elections are TOMORROW night in your local precinct caucus. Delegates serve for a period of two years and responsibilities are minimal.

2. Vote for your delegates! Don’t want to run as a delegate? You can still attend your local precinct caucus meeting TOMORROW evening and vote on who will become the delegates representing your area.

  • Enter your address here​ to find your local precinct caucus meeting information. Remember, you must be a registered Republican to vote in your local Republican Caucus. Democratic Caucuses are open to any party affiliation, but you must be a registered voter in your area to vote.

3. Sign up for a Day of Action for a ballot initiative. Ballot initiatives have until April 15th to gather all the required signatures to get on the ballot in November and allow Utah voters to decide on critical issues. Initiatives are close to collecting all the required signatures, but need your help to cross the finish line before the deadline. Can’t gather signatures? You can still donate!

  • Better Boundaries​ – Ending partisan gerrymandering. Swing by a local office to pick up a packet to collect signatures or join the Day of Action on March 31st in Salt Lake​, Park City​, Logan​ or St. George​.
  • Utah Decides Healthcare – Expand Medicaid to 138% of the federal poverty line. Join Action Utah members collecting signatures on one of our two Days of Action! BONUS: These events are fundraisers for Action Utah – for every 500 signatures we collect, we earn money to continue our work in 2018!
  • Utah Patients Coalition – Establish a medical cannabis program for sick and suffering Utahns. Volunteer to gather signatures here​.
  • Count My Vote – Eliminate the caucus/convention election method in Utah. Sign up to sign the petition here​.

4. Write a Letter to the Editor on a bill from the 2018 State Legislative Session. One good way to get attention for an issue that matters to you is to write a brief letter to the editor about a good bill that passed, a good bill that did not pass or a bad bill that could harm Utahns. Give solutions-oriented feedback to elected officials and get your voice heard! No experience necessary. Check out our RESOURCE: How to Write an Effective Letter to the Editor​ to get started!

5. Clean Air: Swap out your gas mower for an electric mower! Reduce your emissions by joining a program by Weber University UCAIR, the Department of Environmental Quality and several others this March! Apply by March 31st to swap your high pollution mower for one of 762 electric mowers for just $100 (need-based fee waivers available). Click here​ for details.


National Issues

1. Ask Hatch to vote for Net Neutrality THIS WEDNESDAY 3/21 at 5p. Team Internet has anaction​ this week in Salt Lake City to save net neutrality by lobbying Hatch’s office to support a resolution moving through Congress that would overturn the FCC’s December vote to repeal net neutrality and restore freedom of the Internet. The resolution only needs 51 votes to pass the Senate, and it already has the support of 50 senators. Help Team Internet get one more vote here in Utah by joining the effort on Wednesday, March 21st. RSVP​ here.


Help a candidate!

Are you not the candidate type yourself? You can still participate in the 2018 elections by voting and registering others to vote. If you want to get more involved, help a candidate by donating to or volunteering for their campaign. Simply contact a candidate that interests for details. Many candidates need help right now collecting signatures by April 7th to get on the primary ballot. Others need money to help amplify their messages. YOU can help get good people elected!

Andrea & Katie,
Co-Founders, Action Utah

Action Utah is a nonprofit organization, and we rely on financial contributions from our supporters to boost civic engagement in Utah through education, training and advocacy opportunities. Your gift will allow us to continue our work toward elevating the voices of Utahns in policymaking. Please consider making a gift today!

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