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March 27th, 2018|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Private prisons for immigrant detentions in Utah? 

A private prison is being proposed within 180 miles of Salt Lake City (in Evanston, WY) to detain immigrants. Both the private prison and the immigrant detention are troubling. Why?

  • Private prisons are expensive to tax payers and are notorious for documented abuses. 
  • ICE detention centers exist to incarcerate non-criminal individuals who work and pay taxes when significantly lower-cost, more humane and proven alternatives exist. They also incarcerate children and babies for indeterminate amounts of time.
  • America has a tragic history of unethically incarcerating immigrants. In her powerful Salt Lake Tribune op-ed, “For-profit immigration centers are an echo of a sad past,” Shirley Ann Higuchi suggests that current ICE immigrant detention practices are hauntingly reminiscent of Japanese internment during World War II.


Write a letter to the editor (LTE)! LTEs are quick and easy ways to use your voice and get attention for an issue. They can even sway policy decisions. You don’t have to be a professional writer or have any experience to write a letter to the editor. But it can help to have a few tips. Check out our resource: How to write an effective Letter to the Editor (LTE) — and then get writing!

  • Write a LTE in response to Higuchi’s poignant op-ed.
  • Write a LTE based on any of these talking points to show decision makers that there is strong community opposition to for-profit immigration prisons. Let’s find a less expensive and harmful policy solution!

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