Learn About Proposed Designs for New Schools and Submit Comments

At the same time that the School Safety Commission has been assembled to assess the best ways to make schools safer (read about it here,) plans are being made to rebuild two new high schools in the Canyons district. Teachers are concerned with the design and worry that the planned windows into the classroom from the halls will not only be distracting for students, but will make students much more vulnerable in an active shooter situation. The school board is open to taking public comment on the issue, and will unveil the new plans for the school designs on April 18th.


What can you do? 

Read about the new proposals here. What do you think? Should the school designers place more weight with the teachers safety concerns?

Speak with a teacher, any teacher, about his or her thoughts on having daylight windows in the classroom.

Submit comments to the school district, asking them to consider safety as a priority in their planning.

If you live in the school district, you may submit public comment to:


Be polite and respectful, keep your comments brief and share with friends who are also interested in school safety issues.



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