Utah Decides needs your help

Utah Decides is getting it’s last few signatures!

The Utah Decides team has been working hard to gather signatures to put the question of Medicaid expansion to the voters. Utahn’s have been working tirelessly for this to happen for five years, and there are many stakeholders who would like to close the gap and see more people have access to care. This list includes people from across the political spectrum and is championed by physicians, hospital groups and organizations working to help people get out of poverty.

Read more about the initiative here.

States who have expanded Medicaid have seen decreased premiums in the individual market, a decrease in uncompensated care at hospitals and many other benefits. Click here to learn about findings on expansion from Kaiser Family Foundation.

Polling shows that a majority of the state supports the expansion, listen to the story here.

What can you do?

Participate in canvasing with someone from Action Utah this week. Contact Carrie Butler for details.





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