Prevent sexual harassment in Utah

April 13th, 2018|Action of the Day|0 Comments

The Utah Women & Leadership Project at Utah Valley University recently released this  “Sexual Harassment: What Utahns need to know” infographic to go along with a research snapshot on the issue to help us all better understand what is happening in Utah.

Sexual harassment impacts one out of two working women in Utah, with 38% of all harassment charges being sex-based. Educating ourselves is the first big step toward combatting sexual harassment. Find out about the issue and what you can do to help reduce and prevent it.

What you can do

  1. Learn about sexual harassment in Utah by checking out the UWLP infographic and research snapshot above.
  2. Check out this list of resources, compiled by the UWLP, including Best Practices, Tips, and How-to’s for addressing sexual harassment.
  3. Ask your place of business to take the ElevateHER Challenge through the Women’s Leadership Institute to tackle harassment by hiring and promoting more women in the workplace.
  4. Support legislation to improve workplace protections, like Rep. Edwards’ HB 283, which did not pass in 2018. We hope to see this great legislation run again in 2019, and we will continue to track its progress and keep you informed so you can take action to support it

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