Ask your city council to pass an idle-free ordinance!

April 24th, 2018|Action of the Day|0 Comments

Did you know that turning off your car engine even for 30 seconds can reduce air pollution? That’s why schools across the state have created idle-free zones for decades. But it is up to cities to pass ordinances that educate drivers about the importance of cutting their engines when idling. The city of Sandy just passed an idling ordinance, making it the 7th city in the state and the only in Salt Lake County with a 1-minute idling limit. That’s great news for our air! Now let’s get more cities to reduce air pollution too.

What you can do

  • If you live in Sandy, thank your city council members!
  • Spread the word by passing around this article on social media and asking your friends and neighbors to practice idle-free driving.
  • Get an idle-free ordinance in your city. If you live in a city that does NOT yet have an idle-free ordinance (those that have ordinances include SLC, South Salt Lake, Murray, Holladay, Park City and Logan), contact your city council members and ask them to pass an ordinance like Sandy’s. Find out who represents you on your city council by going to, entering your address and clicking “Elected Officials”.
  • Practice these smart driving tips from UCAIR every day to reduce your own emissions.

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