Tell us your story to help get more clean cars in UT!

Buying a cleaner car is THE BEST thing an individual can do to improve our air quality. That means buying a car with a Smog Rating of 8 or higher. But these cars are notoriously hard to get in Utah.

Last legislative session, Action Utah spearheaded the Zero Emission Vehicle Program bill (HB 479) by Rep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy), which would have given Utah consumers access to greater choices and availability of electric vehicle models on auto dealer lots and at lower prices.

What you can do

Have you tried to buy an electric vehicle or cleaner car in Utah? Share your stories to help Action Utah pass the ZEV bill in 2019!

  • Send us your stories about trying to buy a clean car in Utah at Were you successful? Did you fail? Did you have to look outside of Utah for a clean car? Did you resort to buying a different car instead? Did a dealer try to talk you into buying a dirtier car? Any and all stories are appreciated!
  • Find out what is the the Smog Rating of your car at How clean is your car?
  • Check out UCAIR’s TravelWise tips for driving cleaner and greener.

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