Interim Session demystified with Action Utah

Interim is the period of time between annual State Legislative Sessions when our state senators and representatives come together for a day of public committee meetings to “study” policy topics and proposed legislation. These meetings are held monthly at the Utah State Capitol and are open to the public to attend in person or recorded so you can listen online live or after the event on the State Legislative Website (

Action Utah will be your guide all Interim season to show you around the State Capitol and demystify the complicated political system so you can get a good window into how our legislature works and how YOU can make a difference on the decisions our state policymakers make that impact your families and communities.

What you can do

Join us during one of our Interim Session Tours of the State Capitol this season. As an added bonus, we’ll fill you in on one important current topic each month, with visits from legislators to fill you in on policy proposals and happenings. These events are FREE, but space is limited. Be sure to reserve your ticket today!

Upcoming events:

Interim Committee meetings:

During Interim, senators and representatives meet together in joint Interim Committees by topic. Meetings are generally held from 8:30-11:15a and 1:15-4p. We HIGHLY recommend sitting in a meeting to witness the legislative branch in action! You can check the list of committee meetings each month on the calendar of the State Legislative Website at Click on each committee to see the agenda of topics and order in which they will be discussed, as well as the location of the meeting (click the location to see a map of the Capitol Campus).

How to get there:

The State Capitol is truly the “People’s House” and is open to the public. There is a large parking lot on the east side of the Capitol campus and along the streets surrounding the Capitol (but beware of some short term parking areas!). Whenever you come to Capitol Hill, plan enough time to find parking and locate your destination.



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