What can you do about summertime ozone, air quality and more? #weeklyactions

Why you should care about Primary Elections

Utah has a historically low voter turnout. Even in the 2016 election when some Utah counties saw record numbers of voters showing up at the polls, Utah was only 39th in the nation for voting age participants. And that was during a presidential election! Midterm elections have smaller turnouts. Primary elections have even smaller participation rates, with many voters not bothering to weigh in until the general election. But primaries can be more important in Utah than general elections. Read more…


1. Join Action Utah at Interim on Wednesday. We invite you to join us this Wednesday at the Capitol for our Interim Session Tour of the State Capitol to demystify the complex political process and show you around the “People’s House”. We’ll also hold a discussion on school safety and invite 1-2 legislators to tell us about policy proposals to address it.

  • Register today! This event is FREE, but space is limited, so be sure to get your ticket today! Click here to RSVP and for more info.
  • You can also attend Interim on your own!​ Find out more here.​

2. Catch a debate! Debates are a terrific way to learn about candidates and become an informed voter. Mark your calendar now for upcoming debates in races that impact you. The Utah Debate Commission is running a series of congressional debates at BYU, including two congressional and one U.S. Senate debate on May 29th. ABU Education Fund and John R. Park Debate Society will also run a series of Democratic primary debates, including:

3. Do you know about summertime ozone? We have inversion in the winters, but our air quality is also compromised by ozone in the summer. Don’t know about ozone? It’s time to learn so you can help be part of the solution to our summer air quality issues.

4. SLCo Residents: Apply for funding from the Vehicle Repair Assistance Program. Cars create a large majority of the air pollution along the Wasatch Front. Salt Lake County recognizes that vehicle repairs  help cars meet emission standards and reduce pollution. Qualifying low-income residents who’s vehicles fail the emissions test, can have their cars repaired.

5. Send a letter-to-the-editor to stop family separation. Forcibly taking children away from their parents seems too cruel to be real, but this is exactly what is happening to immigrant families at the border. In fact more than 100 children as young as one year old are being separated from their parents, and more than 700 children have been taken from their parents so far since October 2017. ICE recently admitted that they lost 1500 children who had been separated from their parents. Separating young children is unspeakably cruel and inhumane. This is not who we aspire to be as a nation.

  • Write a quick letter to the editor for your local paper using this tool from MomsRising to tell Congress and D.H.S Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to choose ethical immigration policies that do not separate infants and children from their parents.

6. Encourage democratic participation through local news consumption. Research shows that not consuming local news decreases democratic participation.

  • Boost your own civic engagement by subscribing to your local papers.
  • Boost civic engagement around Utah by gifting subscriptions of local publications to your friends and family.



  • Rally for Net Neutrality. Today, 5:30-6:30p at 125 S. State St. in SLC.The Senate will soon vote on the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to save net neutrality and restore a free and open internet. Join this event to ask Sen. Hatch to become the 51st vote to get the CRA passed.
  • Action Utah’s Interim Session Tour of the State Capitol: School Safety. Wed, May 16th, 12:00-1:00p. Join us on May 16th to learn how YOU can impact the issues on the Hill or from home, tour the State Capitol Campus and have the opportunity to attend public committee hearings. BONUS: Hear the latest from legislators and Action Utah leaders about our Topic of the Month: School Safety in the wake of the Parkland, FL school shooting. Featuring Rep. Steve Handy (R-Layton). Registration is free, but space is limited. Click here for more info and to register today.

Make a habit of civic engagement!

You don’t have to complete all the actions in your weekly list to be civically engaged. Choose one or two that suit you best and commit to completing them. Many take just a moment or two! Make civic engagement a part of your weekly habit by scheduling a regular time to take action. Thanks for participating in your community this week!

Andrea & Katie

Co-Founders, Action Utah

Action Utah is a nonprofit organization, and we rely on financial contributions from our supporters to boost civic engagement in Utah through education, training and advocacy opportunities. Your gift will allow us to continue our work toward elevating the voices of Utahns in policymaking. Please consider making a gift today!

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