Three things you can do for clean air this summer!

Air quality is one of the top issues Utahns care about the most, especially along the Wasatch Front where winter inversions and summer ozone create bad air that impacts our health. Check out these three things YOU can do to help reduce emissions and clean up the air.

1. Be idle free. Did you know that turning off your car for 30 seconds or more reduces significant amounts of pollution? Ten seconds of idling can use more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it. A car idling for two minutes uses about the same amount of fuel it takes to drive one mile. Many school zones and municipalities are asking people to be idle free to reduce pollution, improve health and lower fuel costs. Learn more about how and why to be idle free at UCAIR.

2. Learn about summertime ozone. We have inversion in the winters, but our air quality is also compromised by ozone in the summer. Don’t know about ozone? It’s time to learn so you can help be part of the solution to our summer air quality issues.

3. SLCo Residents: Apply for funding from the Vehicle Repair Assistance Program. Cars create a large majority of the air pollution along the Wasatch Front. Salt Lake County recognizes that vehicle repairs  help cars meet emission standards and reduce pollution. Qualifying low-income residents who’s vehicles fail the emissions test, can have their cars repaired.

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