VICTORY! Thank your legislator for voting YES on H.C.R. 007!

This week we celebrated a momentous occasion in Utah: the ceremonial signing by Governor Herbert of H.C.R. 007 — the first climate resolution ever to pass in a red state and the first official acknowledgement by our state legislature and governor of climate change and the need for scientific study of its causes and impacts, environmental stewardship and positive solutions.

Gov. Herbert at the ceremonial signing of HCR 007 with high school students who initiated the resolution two years ago

H.C.R 007 has already had multiple positive impacts. With H.C.R. 007’s passage, the legislature overturned an older resolution that had called climate change a “hoax”. The new resolution has inadvertently propelled our Republican supermajority state into a leadership position among red states on climate legislation, giving Republicans around the country a conservative model for weighing in on climate change in their own states. H.C.R. 007 also paved the way for a Republican legislator to hold a town hall dedicated solely to climate change just weeks after its passage. Just this week, H.C.R. 007 was lauded on multiple occasions at the Governor’s Energy Summit. None of this would have been possible a year–or even a few short months–ago.

Although the bill may seem to some to be ineffectual, it is a critical baby step and initiation of forward momentum on climate in Utah. It was also a giant leap for our state legislature and governor which should be rewarded with bountiful community support.


Check the vote tally below to find out if your legislator voted YES on HCRR 007. Don’t know who represents you or what their contact info is? Find out by entering your address at and selecting “Elected Officials”.

  • Thank your state representative and state senator for voting YES on HCR 007 and advancing its mission to reduce emissions and use science to address the causes and impacts of climate change in a way that enlarges our economy. Be sure to mention that you are a CONSTITUENT and tell them why H.C.R. 007 matters to you.
  • Did your legislator vote no? Send an encouraging note to your legislator telling them why you applaud the legislature and governor for supporting HCR 007 and ask them to consider engaging in conversations about climate. Please keep your tone respectful and nonjudgmental.
  • Say thank you to Governor Herbert by calling (801) 538-1000 or leaving an online comment here.
  • Show your support by writing a letter to the editor about the importance of finding economically viable solutions to climate change that work for Utah and applauding the legislature and Gov. Herbert for their support of this resolution. Not sure how to write a letter to the editor? Check out our TIPS here! Learn more about HCR 007 here.

H.C.R. 007 House Vote Tally

Yeas – 46

Arent, P. Barlow, S. Briscoe, J. Chavez-Houck, R. Christensen, L.
Cutler, B. R. Duckworth, S. Dunnigan, J. Edwards, R. Eliason, S.
Fawson, J. Froerer, G. Gibson, F. Hall, C. Handy, S.
Hawkes, T. Hollins, S. Hughes, G. Hutchings, E. King, Brian S.
Knotwell, J. Kwan, K. Miles, K. Moss, C. Noel, M.
Perry, L. Pitcher, D. Potter, V. Poulson, M. Pulsipher, S.
Ray, P. Redd, E. Romero, A. Sagers, D. Sandall, S.
Snow, V. L. Spendlove, R. Stratton, K. Ward, R. Webb, R. C.
Weight, E. Westwood, J. Wheatley, M. Wilde, L. Wilson, B.
Winder, M.

Nays – 24

Acton, C.K. Albrecht, C. Brooks, W. Christofferson, K. Coleman, K.
Daw, B. Greene, B. Grover, K. Ivory, K. Kennedy, M.
Lisonbee, K. Maloy, A.C. McCay, D. McKell, M. Moss, J.
Nelson, M. Owens, D. Peterson, J. Peterson, V. Roberts, M.
Robertson, A. Seegmiller, T. Thurston, N. Watkins, C.

Absent or not voting – 5

Chew, S. Hemingway, L. Last, B. Quinn, T. Schultz, M.

H.C.R. 007 Senate Vote Tally

Yeas – 23

Adams, J. S. Anderegg, J. Bramble, C. Buxton, D. G. Christensen, A.
Davis, G. Dayton, M. Fillmore, L. Harper, W. Hemmert, D.
Henderson, D. Hillyard, L. Hinkins, D. Ipson, D. Iwamoto, J.
Knudson, P. Millner, A. Stephenson, H. Thatcher, D. Van Tassell, K.
Vickers, E. Weiler, T. Zehnder, B.

Nays – 3

Dabakis, J. Escamilla, L. Mayne, K.

Absent or not voting – 3

Niederhauser, W. Okerlund, R. Stevenson, J.


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