Get ready for primary elections

In November Americans will elect thousands of public officials, including 6,066 state legislators, 435 United States Representatives, 33 United States Senators, 36 governors, and 162 other state executive officials. Before then, though, a series of primary elections will take place in Utah on June 26th to determine the parties’ nominees for the general election.

Primary elections do not take place in every race and are necessary only when there are two or more candidates in any one party per elected seat in office. Primaries allow the parties to narrow the field to a single candidate for the general election.  Many of these primaries are more important than the general election in November. Why?

  • In supermajority districts, the winner of the primary election is almost certain to win the general election
  • Many districts in Utah are supermajority districts


NOW is the time to take action to support a candidate and plan ahead for the primary election!

  • Volunteer for a primary candidate. Knocking on doors, canvassing neighborhoods, donating to the campaign, and telling your friends and family all about a candidate running in a primary election makes a huge difference in county and state level races.
  • Know what primary election you can vote in. Democratic primaries are open to all registered voters. Republican primaries are closed, meaning only registered Republicans may vote in the GOP primary. Unaffiliated voters may also vote in GOP primaries if they choose to register as Republicans at the polling location.
  • Get registered and possibly affiliated to vote. Deadlines to register to vote in primary elections are coming right up. Check the timeline below to know when you must register, affiliate or change affiliation in order to qualify to vote in the primary elections on June 26th.
  • Make a plan to vote. Decide now how you will vote (in person, early, by mail?) and exactly when. Use the timeline below to make your plan. Then decide how you will carry it out by putting it in your calendar, securing a ride, etc.


  • May 29th: Deadline to register to vote by mail
  • May 30th: Deadline to change party affiliation (unaffiliated voters may still affiliate at a polling location after May 30th and qualify to vote in the GOP primary)
  • June 5th: Mail in ballots sent out to voters
  • June 12-22: In-person early voting ​
  • June 19, 2018: Last day to register to vote online or at your county clerk’s office
  • June 26th: Primary Election!

Action Utah members are running for office!

Congratulations to all of our members who are running for office — both the seasoned incumbents and the newbies. Running for office is a huge, but rewarding undertaking. We commend you for pursuing the mantle of public office. Best of luck to those of you participating in the upcoming primaries!

Rep. Patrice Arent (D) – Incumbent House Representative running for reelection for House District 36 (Millcreek) – Election Candidate

Cathy Callow-Heusser (U) – teacher and Action Utah member running for Congressional District 1 – Not filed

Emily Ellsworth (R) – Action Utah board member and former Congressional staffer running for Senate District 15 (Utah County) – Out in convention

Shireen Ghorbani (D) – A communications professional and board chair of the Rape Recovery Center is running for the United States House of Representatives in Congressional District 2 – Election Candidate

Suzanne Harrison (D) – Anesthesiologist running for House District 32 (Draper) – Election Candidate

Becky Pickle (R) – Entrepreneurial and community advocate running for House District 41 (Riverton) – Withdrew

Stephanie Pitcher (D) – Lawyer and Director of the Utah Women’s Coalition running for House District 40 (Salt Lake) – Election Candidate

Jen Dailey Provost (D) – Health care advocate running for House District 24 (Salt Lake) – Primary

Scott Rosenbush (D) – Action Utah member running House District 24 (Salt Lake) – Primary

Matt Styles (G) – Action Utah member running for House District 61 (Provo) – Election Candidate

Are you an Action Utah member running for office? Let us know!

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