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Primary elections are on the horizon!

Primary elections are only held when there is more than one candidate in a given party per elected office. Primaries traditionally have low voter turnout because few people bother to find out who is running or how to vote. But when there is low voter turnout YOUR VOTE COUNTS MORE! Find out if you have a primary election in your district by entering your address at Then make a plan to participate!

Find out everything you need to know to become an informed voter in our VOTER GUIDE.


1. Register to vote TODAY. The deadline to register to vote in the primary elections is TODAY (May 29th) for mail-in registration. The deadline to affiliate as a Republican for the GOP primary election is TOMORROW (May 30th). Registration is quick and easy. Find out how here.


2. Attend a debate TODAY and TOMORROW! The Utah Debate Society, ABU Education Fund and John R. Park Debate Society at the U are helping voters get informed about the candidates by hosting debates today and tomorrow. Catch one or more of these debates to inform your vote!

3. Listen to this! In case you missed it, catch Reps. Arent, Edwards and Romero discussing the politics of clean air and climate change with Doug Fabrizio on last week’s RadioWest episode. Thanks to Rep. Edwards for the shout out to Action Utah for our work on the first ever climate resolution (H.C.R. 007) in a red state in America!

4. Defend funding for housing in the federal budget. Utah has a housing shortage and affordable housing crisis, yet we face unprecedented population growth ahead. Ask your members of Congress to stand up for our critical housing needs in the 2019 federal budget. Learn more here.

5. Learn about changes in vaccination requirements in UT public schools. At Action Utah we are tracking changes in our public health system and bringing information right to your inbox. Read about new vaccination requirements for the 2018-2019 school year by clicking here.

6. Get electric vehicle chargers at your workplace. Tailpipe emissions account for 50% of our air pollution along the Wasatch Front. Driving a “zero-emission” electric car is one of the most effective and direct ways to control air pollution. Electric vehicles represent one of the fastest growing segments of new cars in Utah, but we need EV chargers in workplaces and homes to keep the momentum growing. Leaders for Clean Air (LFCA) can assist in the visioning, planning, and implementation of any charger project. Contact Micah Kagan at LFCA to learn more.


  • May 29th and 30th – Candidate debates hosted by ABU Education Fund (Democratic HD24 and SD2) and the Utah Debate Society (congressional and senate).
  • Action Utah’s Interim Session Tour of the State Capitol: Education Advocacy. Wed, June 20th, 12:00-1:00p. Join us at the Hill as Action Utah leaders demystify the legislative branch and political process and give you a tour the State Capitol Campus. You’ll have the opportunity to sit in on a public committee meeting of your choice. In the spotlight: Education advocacy can be confusing and opaque. We’ll walk you through ways YOU can impact education policy. Registration is free, but space is limited. Click here for more info and to register today.

Summer break?

As schools are letting out and Utahns across the state are making summer plans, candidates across the state are gearing up for important primary elections, legislators are working hard on new bills for 2019, and elected officials in city, county, state and federal government positions are carrying on with their official duties. That means there is still plenty for community advocates to do throughout the summer. Build advocacy into your regular routine to make it as easy as a summer breeze!


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