DEADLINE: Plan to vote in the GOP primary election on June 26th?

Primary elections are coming up on June 26th! Both the Democratic and Republican parties will hold primary elections to narrow down the field of candidates for a given elected position to just one from each party. There is one key difference between Democratic and Republican primaries you should know about… and a deadline TODAY to be eligible to vote.

Open versus closed primaries

Not all primaries are open to all voters in Utah! In fact, each party determines the rules for who can vote in their primaries, and the Democratic and Republican parties have chosen different rules.

  • Democratic primaries are OPEN, which means that any voter who has registered at least 7 days in advance (in person or online) or 30 days in advance (by mail) may vote, regardless of their party affiliation.
  • Republican primaries are CLOSED, meaning only registered voters who have affiliated as Republicans at least 30 days before the election OR who are registered unaffiliated voters and choose to affiliate as Republicans at the polls on election day are eligible to vote in the primary.

The deadline for new voters to register as Republicans passed yesterday. The deadline for registered Democrats to change affiliation to Republicans and be eligible to vote in the GOP primaries is TODAY.


  • Change party affiliation. If you are currently registered as a Democrat, but wish to change affiliation to the Republican party, be sure to do so TODAY if you plan to vote in the GOP primary.
  • For unaffiliated registered voters, you too may change affiliation to the Republican party today and be eligible to vote in the GOP primary, OR you may change affiliation at the polls on June 26th.
  • For all unregistered eligible voters, be sure to register to vote by June 19th in person, by text or online in order to be able to participate in the primary election!

How to register to vote (or update registration)

Find out everything you need to know about registering, including deadlines to be eligible to vote in the June primaries and November general election, using Action Utah’s resource: “How to Register to Vote“.

Spread the word to help others register to vote as well!

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