Celebrate voting with your kids!

Introducing voting from an early age to your kids is a great way to ensure that they will develop good civic engagement and voting habits as soon as they are old enough to cast a ballot. From hosting “Voting Parties” for kids to voting crafts and activities to taking your kids with you to your polling location — find fun ways to teach your children why voting matters.


Use one of these great resources to celebrate voting with your kids!

  • MomsRising’s #MomsVote campaign suggests hosting a “Voting Party” with this great list of suggested activities, crafts and ideas to introduce kids to voting.
  • PBS Kids also has activities for kids to introduce them to voting basics, like creating campaign posters, collecting president trading cards and learning about our president.
  • YOU are your kids’ best role model. Show them how you register to vote, make a plan to vote, educate yourself about the candidates and ballot measures and cast your ballot. Take them with you to the polls or voter registration events. Talk to them about your commitment to voting and how their vote will one day make a difference like yours.
  • Can’t vote? Ask a friend or relative to take your kids to the polls with them instead.

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