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Voting is the best way to get your voice heard!

Schools are letting out, graduations abound and summer is officially here. At the same time, debates have finished up (scroll down for links!), ballots are about to mail out (tomorrow!) and the primary election is coming right up (June 26th!). Don’t miss your chance to use your voice in by casting a vote in the election!


1. BECOME AN INFORMED VOTER! Voter turnout in primary elections is extremely low. That means YOUR VOTE COUNTS MORE! Yet many people don’t cast a ballot because they don’t know how or when to vote, aren’t registered to vote or don’t know anything about the candidates. Now is the time to become an informed voter so you can do the important job of casting a ballot in the primary election! Here’s how:

  1. Register to vote.
  2. Find out if there is a primary election being held in your district.
  3. Find out what candidates will be on your ballot and look them up – that includes federal, state AND local county candidates!
  4. Make a plan to vote, including what day and time and how you will cast your ballot.
  5. Vote!

2. IMPROVE CONDITIONS IN IMMIGRATION DETENTION CENTERS. Senator Orrin Hatch is on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP), which oversees HHS (the agency running immigration detention centers). The ACLU and University of Chicago Lawsuit reported recently on a series of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act detailing abuses of immigrant children in short and long-term facilities, including sexual and physical abuse and deprivation of basic needs.

  • Please call and ask that HELP require HHS to hold a hearing on the conditions inside each of the immigration detention centers and produce a status report, including photos and a process by which members of congress can tour these centers and a list of supplies and funds they need in order to take care of these kids properly. DHS shouldn’t be allowed to rip kids out of the hands of their parents without providing for their well being in the meantime.D.C. office: (202) 224-5251
    Salt Lake office: (801) 524-4380

3. ASK THE UTAH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION TO SUPPORT WIND ENERGY. Rocky Mountain Power has proposed to make one of their biggest investments in renewable energy yet by building out four wind power stations for Utah consumers! However, the proposal must be approved first by our Public Service Commission, which will meet to decide on the matter within the next few weeks. Energy advocates and environmentalists alike agree these wind projects would be a great benefit to Utah consumers.

  • Click here to submit a pre-written or customized comment through HEAL Utah’s site.
  • OR click here to email your comment directly to the Public Service Commission. Be sure to reference “Public Input for Docket 17-035-40” in the subject header.

4. SUPPORT A CANDIDATE. Knocking on doors for a candidate is one of the very best ways to support their campaign. So is donating. But there are other ways to support candidates too. The best approach is contacting your candidate directly and asking what help they need. Primary candidates need help RIGHT NOW.

  • Contact a candidate of your choice today and offer a few hours of your time!

5. LEARN ABOUT THE CANDIDATES. In districts where one party holds a majority over the other, primary elections winners are almost certain to win the general election. That means primary elections can matter even more than general elections. Know who the candidates are and what they stand for to make an informed decision! Research candidates by checking out candidate webpages, news articles, townhalls and debates. Miss the debates? View them here:


  • Early voting begins – Tues, June 12th (through June 22nd)
  • Last day to register to vote online for the primary election – Tues, June 19th
  • Interim Session –  Wed, June 20th (Click here​ for the calendar of events.)
  • AU’s Interim Session Tour of the State Capitol (Spotlight: Education Advocacy) – Wed, June 20th, 12-1:00p. Featuring AU Education Policy Coordinator Ashley Anderson and Utah Education Association’s Jay Blain. Tickets are going fast. Register today​!
  • Primary Election – Tues, June 26th

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