Eligible voter? Become an informed voter!

Primary elections are coming up on June 26th!

There will be primaries to narrow down the field of Democratic and Republican candidates, but not in every district. Why? Because primary elections are only held when there is more than one candidate in a given party running for an elected seat. The Democratic primary (open to all registered voters) and Republican primary (open only to affiliated Republican voters) are separate elections, and eligible voters may only vote in one or the other.

A few things you should know about primary elections

  1. Voter turnout in primaries is traditionally low, which means YOUR VOTE COUNTS MORE.
  2. Primary elections in districts where there is a majority of one party over the other are MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE GENERAL ELECTION because the winner of the primary in the majority party is almost certain to be the winner of the general election.
  3. Lower profile offices, like county attorney, are just as important to vote for, as these officials wield a lot of power and tend to hold office for many years once they are voted in.


Become an informed voter by:

  1. REGISTERING TO VOTE – Find out everything you need to know about registering, including deadlines to be eligible to vote in the June primaries and November general election, using Action Utah’s resource: “How to Register to Vote“. Spread the word to help others register to vote as well!
  2. MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE – Check out our VOTER GUIDE for all the information you need to learn how to cast a ballot.
  3. FIND OUT ABOUT WHO IS RUNNING – Find out what candidates will be on your primary ballot by inputting your address at vote.utah.gov or check for your district’s voting information on your county elections website or by asking your County Clerk. Then do a few minutes of research on the candidates listed so you have an idea of what they stand for.
  4. LEARN ABOUT OUR ELECTION SYSTEM – No doubt about it, our elections system is complicated. Action Utah makes it easy to navigate the system with our resource: “How Elections Work in Utah“.

Becoming an informed voter means letting your voice be a powerful advocacy tool!

See you at the polls!

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