Support a candidate!

Knocking on doors for a candidate is one of the very best ways to support their campaign. So is donating. But there are other ways to support candidates too. The best approach is contacting your candidate directly and asking what help they need.

Primary candidates need help RIGHT NOW. With primary elections just around the corner on June 26th and ballots already out, this is crunch time for candidates up for election in the primaries. Support a candidate you care about with more than your vote!


  • Contact a candidate of your choice today and offer a few hours of your time!

Ways to support a candidate

Walk for a candidate (knock on doors!)
Put out yard signs
Send out postcards
Volunteer to make phone calls/answer calls
Host a house party to raise money for a candidate
Register to new voters
Provide administrative support
Post your support on social media
Write personal notes to encourage other voters to support a candidate
Anything else your candidate needs – just ask what is most helpful!

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