Interim Session TOMORROW: Catch our legislative branch in action!

Utah has 104 part-time state representatives and senators who come together for 45 days between January and March for the annual State Legislative Session. The rest of the year they go back to their careers and families. But once a month they meet at the State Capitol for “Interim Sessions” to study and propose legislation on current issues facing Utah. The next Interim Session is TOMORROW (Wednesday, June 20th).

YOU can be a part of monthly Interim Sessions — either by listening in from home or by attending in person — to learn more about our legislature, the issues and how you can impact them.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Interim Session happens on the third Wednesday of the month, May-November, and consists of two blocks of interim committee meetings from 8:30-11:15a and 1:15-4:00p.
  • These meetings are open to the public, and some include opportunities for public comment.
  • Committee meetings are recorded for anyone to listen in live or after the fact from your computer.

Learn more by checking out our RESOURCE: What is Interim Session?


  • Join Action Utah’s Interim Session Tour of the State Capitol to learn more about Interim, the legislature, the Capitol Campus and how you can advocate for the issues you care about most. Learn more and register here. Our spotlight discussion this month is on education issues and advocacy!
  • Come along with us to Interim Committee meetings. Every month we invite members of the community to sit in and watch committee hearings with our leaders and members. Sit in on a meeting of your choice and report back on what you learned! Email us if you want to join.
  • Go to Interim in person on your own. You can sit in on any Interim Committee meeting without any obligation to speak. Be prepared to sign the register as a community member, as the Capitol staff keeps track of attendees. Go to the legislative calendar at to pick a committee meeting and find out where it will be held. Find out more about how to navigate the legislative website and calendar here.
  • Listen in on an Interim Committee meeting from your computer. Pick a meeting from the legislative calendar, click on that meeting link and find the audio link on the committee page to listen live or the individual audio links in the meeting summary to listen to a particular agenda item after the fact.

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