Raise your voice for affordable, high quality childcare!

Across America, childcare costs are higher than college tuition and, for many families, higher even than the cost of housing. In fact, in Utah, the average annual cost of childcare is nearly $18,645, or 12% of the median income!

That’s why Action Utah has made childcare a top priority for the 2019 State Legislative Session.

We’re working hard on solutions that make high quality childcare affordable for working families. This is not a personal problem that individual parents can solve alone. It is a systemic issue that needs a larger solution. And it is a community problem that impacts our economy and our communities.

Did you know:

  • When childcare is unavailable, the maternal workforce, in particular, is disproportionately impacted. Even a 10% decrease in availability of early childhood education reduces employment of single mothers by 3 to 4 percent and married women by 5 to 6 percent!
  • Public and private solutions can improve the well-being of our children and increase personal independence and productivity at work — all to the benefit of our communities!
  • Increasing access to high quality, affordable early learning opportunities (like childcare)—particularly for vulnerable children—doesn’t just help children and parents, it also helps our economy. For every $1 invested in early learning and childcare, taxpayers get back $13 from reduced grade repetitions, fewer later interactions with the criminal justice system, and more. It’s a win on all fronts!

Lifting up your experiences can help advance good solutions for high quality, affordable childcare! 


We want to hear YOUR stories about why affordable, high-quality early education is important to your family so we can convey them to decision makers!

  • Email us your stories! You can send just one sentence or twenty. Include pictures if you want. We will keep your name anonymous unless you request otherwise. Email us your story today!
  • Ask others to email their stories. Know of someone who experiences obstacles of cost and quality for childcare? We want to know how childcare issues impact real families in Utah to help shape and support good policy!

This is an issue that impacts all of us. Raising your voice can make a big difference!


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