Be an informed voter: Learn about your candidates!

Informed voters are people who know how, where and when to vote and also who they plan to vote for. With the primary elections coming up on June 26th, early voting ending today and mail-in-ballots shipped to voters, NOW is the time to make sure you know who are the candidates on your primary ballot and what they stand for. Primaries across Utah will determine which candidate in a given party will advance to the general election in federal, state and county positions.

In the many districts across Utah where one party holds a majority over another, the winner of primary is almost certain to be the winner of the general election. That means primaries sometimes matter MORE than general elections.

Positions like county attorney, county sheriff, county commissioner, and state and local school board matter, as these elected officials make decisions that impact your families and communities locally. County attorneys, for example, wield a lot of power and tend to stay in office for along time once elected. Know your candidates to make an informed decision!


Take the time to get to know your candidates by researching and reading up on them.

  • First, check to make sure you have a primary election in your area. Input your address at or check your county elections website for election details in your area. You can also contact your county elections official (clerk) to find out about primary elections.
  • Look up your candidates. Candidate websites offer information about candidate stances. Watch videos of the debates (links below). Read newspaper articles. Go to townhalls with incumbents.


Watch a debate

Salt Lake County candidate info

  • SL County’s list of candidate filings shows you which candidates will be voted on in the primary elections (note “Primary” next to a candidate’s name), including state senate and house candidates and state and district school board candidates.

Utah County candidate info

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