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Ethical immigration and compromise

​While Utahns, Americans and their elected leaders on both sides of the aisle have demanded an end to amoral family separations at our borders, finding legislative solutions to immigration reform has proven to be challenging in this political climate. Republicans have worked to piece together proposals they hope Trump will support, only to be dashed by Trump tweets. Democrats and ultra conservatives alike cling to hard-line requests. The likelihood is that all sides will have to compromise ​in  order to find enough votes to pass anything. Will we voters reward them or condemn them for compromising?​ Learn more about the exploding controversy here​​.

Action of the Week

​​PUSH FOR ETHICAL IMMIGRATION REFORM. Utah’s congressional delegation has listened to Utahns who want to see an end to family separations and weighed in​​ on a compromise GOP bill that may get another shot at a vote this week in the House. The bill would provide a limited pathway to citizenship for “Dreamers,” partially fund the border wall and prevent families from being separated at the border​, but would also allow for children to be imprisoned with their families and would not address children already separated from their parents. Meanwhile, the Senate is attempting to proceed with bipartisan talks​​.

  • Thank Sen. Hatch and your congressional rep for listening to Utahns and calling for an end to the unethical practice of family separations. Click here for contact info​.
  • Call for bipartisan solutions. Call on your congressional rep to bridge political divides and come together to denounce inflammatory rhetoric, put people over party and create reasonable, bipartisan solutions for immigrant and refugee families. Ask your rep to seek solutions that truly end family separations, address children already separated from their parents, open doors for asylum seekers, keep children out of prisons and provide permanent solutions for the 10,000 Dreamers in Utah.
  • Join a Families Belong Together rally on Saturday, June 30thFind a rally​ near you. Utah rallies are currently scheduled in SLC, Moab and Logan.
  • Support the grassroots organizations helping border families. Not sure which ones? No worries. Together Rising​ has vetted them for you, is offering support where it is needed most, and then reporting the successes back to you.​



​1. SUPPORT TEACHERS IN UTAH. Utah has a critical teacher shortage due to issues like high turnover rates, low pay, and insufficient support. Envision Utah’s research has shown that getting more “traditionally trained teachers” – particularly from university teaching programs in Utah – leads to longer retention of teachers.

​2. HOST A LIVING ROOM CONVERSATION. Want to make a bigger difference but feel overwhelmed or don’t know how? Action Utah is here to help! Host a gathering​ of 15 or more people, and we will come to your home, back yard or venue to teach you and your family and friends about community advocacy, our political system, policy priorities or specific issues (like education, air quality or healthcare) in a casual, conversational setting.

​3. DEMAND GOOD WATER POLICY TO SUPPORT CLEAN AIR. Water quality and policy is a top priority for Utahns, and planning for our future water supply is critical – especially in a fast-growing state that is one of the driest in the nation. But good, clean water does not have to come at the expense of dirtier air, poor environmental stewardship or exorbitant infrastructure costs.

  • Get educated. Learn about the costly Bear River Development​ and its dramatic impacts on air quality​​. Find out how much water your county uses per capita with this new tool​ and think of ways you and your family can conserve water.​
  • Ask your state legislator to consider inexpensive alternatives to the Bear River Development, such as separating water subsidies out of property taxes to reduce property taxes, link water pricing to use and encourage conservation.​ Find out who represents you here​ and write them an email.

4. SUPPORT SNAP IN THE SENATE FARM BILL. While the House’s Farm Bill opted for dramatic cuts to proven food assistance programs for our nation’s most vulnerable, the Senate has opted for a bipartisan Farm Bill​ that not only protects SNAP but also creates positive policy for farmers, the environment, families, and our economy. Exactly what a Farm Bill should do! ​The Senate is expected to vote next week on this good bill.

  • ​Ask our Senators to support SNAP by voting yes on a bipartisan Farm Bill by Senators Debbie Stabenow (MI-D) and Pat Roberts (KS-R) and rejecting any amendments that would take food out of hungry families’ refrigerators or create overly onerous barriers to accessing nutrition.

​5. VOTE TOMORROW! The primary election is TOMORROW, June 26th. If you haven’t already mailed in your ballot or voted early, be sure to cast your ballot tomorrow. Your voice MATTERS in primary elections!

  • Cast your ballot! Follow your mail-in ballot instructions, contact your County Clerk​ or county elections website for your election procedures, check​ for your in-person polling location or check our VOTER GUIDE​​ for more info.

NOTE: Not all Utahns have primary elections. If there is no election info available to you on the state website, that means there are no primary elections for your area or party affiliation.


  • Primary Election – Tues, June 26th. ​Your last chance to vote in the primaries! Find out what you need to know to vote here​.​
  • Families Belong Together rallies – Saturday, June 30th, times vary. Check the national FBT website​ for rally details near you. Currently, rallies are scheduled in Salt Lake, Moab and Logan.

See you at the polls!

Your voice matters in the primary election! If you don’t already have a plan for how you are going to vote, make one today. Then be sure to carry it out tomorrow to get your voice heard!

Executive Director, Action Utah

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